Kendra (Kenny)

Hello! My name is Kendra Small, but my friends call me Kenny. Thank you for taking the time to view my website, whether you're a friend showing support, or someone interested in my skills, I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

View some of my work!

Texas Childrens Hospital

An ad campaign project for Texas Childrens Health's Epilepsy unit.


A mobile website for a SexEd program focused on preteen/teens and parents/teachers.


A hiking company based in California focused on cheeky humor to encourage healthy exploration.

Route 66 Brothers

An alternative flour mill company focused on sustainable practices that's inspired by retro diner aesthetics.

Technical Skills

Adobe Illustrator: 4+ Years Experience

Adobe Photoshop: 4+ Years Experience

Adobe Indesign: 4+ Years Experience

Adobe AfterEffects: 2+ Years Experience

Adobe Premiere Pro: 1+ Years Experience

Procreate: 6+ Years Experience

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