About Me!

Hello again! In this about me segment, I'd like to talk a bit about who I am outside of design work. In the image to the left (or above if you're on mobile) is one of three dogs I have, all dogs are bulldogs and the one I'm holding is Brutus. I've always been a fan of animals, but I would say I have a bias towards wrinkly critters. Aside from pets, I also like going to conventions which started when I would go to the Walker Stalker Convention with my dad. Now I go to other Texas local conventions like Afest, Ikkicon, and others! I enjoy supporting local artists and sharing a space with people who enjoy the same interests as me. 

Over here I'll talk about why design and art in general. I've been drawn to the arts for a long time, but I gathered an interest in the visual arts in high school, specifically painting with acrylics. I like to think my painterly background drives my creative style in anything I do. I decided to focus my academic studies on design as I feel that's how to best put my creative interests in a way that can sustain myself. I could not see myself doing anything that wasn't creative in some aspect. While I don't get to enjoy traditional painting as much as I would like to these days, I do still digitally paint and create when I feel the inspiration come to me in my free time. 

Some Convention Photos

New York Walker Stalker

First Texas convention

Afest 2023

First convetion of 2024

Wanna take a peek at my work?

Go ahead! I hope you enjoy viewing my different projects.

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